Want to see my true colors?♥
An alluring woman who has seen success as a model and a fashion designer.
Tamaki’s natural talent is also apparent in her Aikido skills, which she began as a means of self-defense but has advanced to a master level despite her young age. One day, she receives an invitation to “Venuses' Fighting Competition”, which happens to be the DOA Tournament. A mischievous smile appears across Tamaki’s face at this chance to encounter new “beauty.”
Tamaki uses a combat form of Aikido that incorporates Atemi (strikes) and focuses on using Sabaki attacks and each type of hold. Her flexible and beautiful Tai Sabaki neutralizes the attacks of her opponent.
Country : Japan
Birthday : August 19
Age : 22
Blood Type : B
Height : 169cm
Occupation : Fashion Designer
Favorite food or drink : Macarons, soda water, alcohol
Hobby : Bouldering, yoga, bar hopping