The brilliant kunoichi of the Hajinmon sect, the shadow sect of the Mugen Tenshin clan. Ayane was cursed to live in shadows by the circumstances of her birth, and was raised by Genra, the leader of the Hajinmon sect. She was the one ordered to hunt down her half-sister Kasumi, who had deserted the clan. She is troubled by her feelings towards Kasumi, because she envied her for having everything Ayane couldn't have, and now despises her for betraying it all of her own free will, but deep inside she also remembers how close they were in their childhood, and can't bring herself to truly hate her for the sake of their mother.
Mugen Tenshin Hajinmon Style Ninjutsu
Her ever-changing moves are polished to the extent where her opponents can never see what is coming.
Country : Japan
Age : 18
Blood Type: AB
Height/Weight : 157cm/47kg
Occupation : Kunoichi
Favorite food or drink : Marron glacé
Hobby : Visiting beauty salons