Eliot is an orphan, and he remains uncertain of why his master chose him to be his one and only disciple. It is in search of an answer to this that he has decided to enter the 4th Tournament. In order to hone his skills, he has left his master's side and set off on a journey of self-discovery. Where, for some reason, he soon found himself accompanied by Brad Wong. Eventually, his training paid off, and he was able to learn the legendary Xinyi Liuhe Quan, entering the 6th DOA Tournament as a truly first-rate martial artist.


The Break Gauge – the first super meter ever for the series – gets charged with every attack landed or taken, and by blocking. Once it is full, players can perform either the Break Blow, a flashy and highly destructive special attack, or the Break Hold, a useful counter attack that deals low damage but works against high, low and mid attacks. Both are executed with the Special button; for Break Blow simultaneously press forward, or press backward if you want to perform the Break Hold.


Introducing new stages combined with the fan-favourite Danger Zones, where fighters can use the environment in their attacks. This tournament is set to be one of the most entertaining ever.