Battles based on Spirit strategies

By raising Spirit, the Qi stored can be used as energy to unleash powerful attacks of martial arts and Wizardy Spells.
However, running out of Spirit will put the player at a disadvantage, so how and when it is used is key.



The player's Qi increases with offensive moves, and decreases with defensive moves. Qi is the energy source required to use powerful attacks.


A combat technique that neutralizes an enemy's attack. The attacking enemy becomes agitated and its Spirit decreases, while the player's Spirit increases.

Fatal Strike

A powerful single attack that can be used against enemies with decreased Spirit or are unaware of the player's presence, and can lower their Morale Rank.

Martial Arts

Powerful moves that unleash spirit into energy.
Different martial arts can be used by different weapons.

ESRB Rating: Mature with Violence, Blood and Gore


Various playstyles through weapons and Wizardry Spells
Select your weapon of preference from among various types. These are examples of some of them.

Straight Sabre


Dual Swords

Heaven's Rage

Ice Weapon

Blasting Flare

Wizardry Spell
Secret spells that draw upon the power of the Five Phases, and can provide a way to breakthrough situations where weapons aren't effective. Raising your Morale Rank can enable the use of powerful Wizardry Spells.
Divine Beasts
Divine Beasts that are born from bonds with warriors, and summoning them unleashes great power.




*Footage taken from the Japanese version of the game.

ESRB Rating: Mature with Violence, Blood and Gore

The player's appearance can be freely set.
Select from a wide variety of settings and use accessories to create your own unique protagonist.



A game system where strength comes from overcoming adversity

The player becomes stronger by raising its Morale Rank. Enemies also have a Morale Rank, and by defeating enemies with a higher Morale Rank than the player, the player's Morale Rank increases faster, and more valuable items can be obtained from enemies.
Do you choose to become stronger by overcoming adversity, or by carefully attacking enemies? Players can choose their own path and style of battling.



Cooperate to Conquer!

Online co-op will help players defeat the most formidable foes and toughest battlefields. By joining forces with friends, you will have the chance to takedown even the most fearsome monsters in the game!


When the Divine Beast Qinglong is summoned, it restores the health of allies and also strengthens surrounding allies. Use it to provide combat support in multiplayer games.



Other players may invade certain battlefields. Opponents whose strategies cannot be read can be the most tricky and difficult to defeat.



An enemy who has defeated a player on another battlefield may be subject to "Vengeance" on their own battlefield. Various benefits can be obtained by accomplishing vengeance. Enemies in the area where the defeated player's "Burial Flag" stands will require the utmost vigilance.