Director’s Letter Vol.3

Hello to everyone who has been playing and enjoying Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty. This is the game’s producer/director, Hirayama, and I’m excited to share with you some of the first details of the updates we have planned for the future.

Late October: Balance adjustments and additional features

As per the road map previously shared, after the release of DLC Vol.2 we will make additional balance adjustments and feature enhancements to help improve the overall gameplay.

Adjustment of existing weapon types

Among the weapon types adjusted in Ver. 1.200, additional adjustments will be applied to those we believe need to be strengthened even further. For example, the performance of the staff has been improved as a technical weapon that can be used to gain an advantage by using loop attacks. This requires good situational judgment, but depending on the enemy type, it can be hard to use. To address this issue, we are making it possible to activate the loop attack by holding down the combo for each stage of the normal attack and readjusting the weapon so that players have more flexibility on deciding when to use it.

We will also be making adjustments to several other weapon types, so please look forward to the release of the update.

Adding features to “The Thousand-Mile Journey”

We are in the process of adding a feature that will allow players to select difficulty levels in “The Thousand-Mile Journey”.
Our aim is to make it possible for a wider range of people to play this end-game content. So, we not only plan on raising the current difficulty level, but increasing the variance of difficulty so that players will receive even better rewards the more they succeed in completing risky challenges.

Not only will there be features added, but we will also be addressing various bugs to further improve stability, including a bug that caused the demon Dian Wei to leave the stage.

Although this is a different topic from the Thousand-Mile Journey, we are also considering the possibility of adding a difficulty adjustment feature that can be customized according to your play skill for DLC Vol.3.

November: PC version optimization and Nioh collaboration

PC version optimization

We apologize for the long-term inconvenience to those playing the PC version of the game. In the November update, we plan to apply optimizations to reduce the load related to graphics and fix stuttering by increasing the accuracy of shader cache pre-generation.

As part of the above plan, we will continue to make optimization and bug fixes for the PC version a priority, and we will do our best to ensure that all players can play the game with no problems.

Nioh collaboration

We are working hard to make this game more enjoyable for as many players as possible, including Nioh fans.

It pains me that I can't give any more details at this stage, but I am certain that you will feel that this is an exciting collaboration worth waiting for... I can’t wait to finally reveal what we have planned, so please wait for further news.

These are just a few of the updates that are planned for the future. I hope you will look forward to these updates, which will be available soon.
And as always, we appreciate your continued support of "Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty".

Masakazu Hirayama, Producer/Director