The details of the collaboration with "Lies of P" have been revealed! Two exclusive weapons will be distributed for free!

The weapons "Puppet's Saber" and "Etiquette," which have been fully supervised by the "Lies of P" team, will be released. These collaboration weapons will be available for free by applying the free update that will be distributed at the same time as the DLC Vol.2 scheduled for release on September 27.
Please take this opportunity to enjoy the world of "Lies of P" in "Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty".

Puppet's Saber

The puppets in a strange, unknown realm brandish this weapon that was made by refashioning a soldier puppet's blade.
It is a common belief that puppets do not have souls and thus are incapable of shedding tears or telling lies. In their peculiar dimension, however, that does not seem to be the case. The puppets do not hold themselves back from mercilessly shredding any foes that stand in their way, all while keeping their tears and lies concealed behind their mechanical visages.


A self-defense weapon adored by the puppets from a distant, bizarre world, this sword disguised as a fashionable umbrella clearly demonstrates the wielder's readiness to attack.
One's social status and dignity are evident not only in the ballroom, but also on the battlefield. Bearers of these exotic swords carefully maintain their poise on both stages.