The game will not start, or it crashes just after startup. (Steam®/Microsoft Store versions)

This issue may be caused by the use of double-byte characters for the installation directory or Windows username. Please change the installation location and username to ensure that only half-width alphanumeric characters are used, and then log in to Windows.
Updated 11.09.2023
We have confirmed that it works without issue with the latest update. Please ensure that the latest update is applied.

Screen goes black when the opening cutscene is played. (Steam®/Microsoft Store versions)

Please install the VP9 codec by installing the "VP9 Video Extensions" from the Microsoft Store available at the following web page:

No sound when using AE5Plus or AE7 sound cards (Steam®/Microsoft Store versions)

Please enable "Direct Mode" in the Playback tab of the Sound Blaster's settings screen.
Updated 05.26.2023
We have confirmed that it works without issue with the latest update. Please ensure that the latest update is applied.

Screen display problems, such as flickering or corrupted rendering (Steam®/Microsoft Store versions)

While it is possible that the problem is on the application side, updating to the latest drivers may resolve this issue. Please refer to your graphics card manufacturer’s website for latest driver versions.

Product Information

What are the game modes and specifications for each platform?

Which platforms is the physical version available for?

PlayStation®5, PlayStation®4, Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One.

If I purchase the PlayStation®4 version, can it be upgraded to PlayStation®5? Does the same apply for the Xbox One version?

If you purchase a physical copy of the PlayStation®4 version, you can upgrade it at no additional cost to the PlayStation®5 digital version.
The Xbox One physical version is Smart Delivery supported. Depending on your system, you can get the Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S version at no additional cost. The digital version is Xbox Play Anywhere compatible, so purchasing one version allows access to the Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S and Microsoft Store versions.

Can save data from the PlayStation®5 version be carried over to the PlayStation®4 version? (via cloud servers)

Yes, it is possible. For the PlayStation®5 or PlayStation®4 version, the data can be carried over by selecting Title Menu > SYSTEM > Manage Cross Save. For the Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and Microsoft Store versions, it is automatically synced to the cloud. Cross save between different hardware makers is not supported.

Will the PC version offer DLSS support?

DLSS and XeSS is planned to be supported with a post-launch update.
Updated 05.26.2023
DLSS, XeSS and FSR2 are now supported. Please ensure that the latest update is applied.

Will the framerate be uncapped for the PC version?

It will run at a maximum of 120 fps. (Not supported in the final demo version.)

Will Steam Deck be supported?

It is Steam Deck unsupported.
Updated 05.26.2023
With the latest update, Steam Deck is now supported. Please ensure that the latest update is applied.

Does the game support 120hz VRR?

120hz is only supported by the Steam® and Microsoft Store version. VRR is not supported.

Will the in-game items Crown of Zhurong and Crown of Gonggong be available at a later date for the PC, Xbox, PlayStation versions?

They are only available as bonus DLC with purchase. There are currently no plans to offer it in-game.

Demo Version

How can the demo clear bonus item Crouching Dragon Helmet be obtained in the retail version of the game?

An issue has been discovered where the cleared information cannot be obtained after the distribution period of the first demo, so the item will be distributed to everyone who has saved data from the first demo. We apologize for this situation.

The item will be distributed to those who has cleared either condition below
  • 1. Those who have saved data from the first demo released in September;
  • 2. Those who have cleared the first stage "Village of Calamity" in the final demo and have carried over that saved data to the retail version of the game.

Those who have satisfied either condition can obtain the "Crouching Dragon Helmet ★4" by selecting Battle Flag Menu > Deliveries in the retail version of the game.

  • The item "Crouching Dragon Helmet ★4" is a reward limited to the demo version, but it is possible to obtain the item "Crouching Dragon Helmet ★1" in the full game.

Online Multiplayer

What types of online multiplayer are available.

There are three types, including the co-operative mode "Recruitment"
  • 1. Recruitment: Cooperative play with up to 3 players (including yourself)
  • 2. Co-op: Up to 3 players (including yourself) can play together through a friend or set password.
  • 3. Invade: Invade another player's mission as an enemy or be invaded by an enemy
  • In the Options menu, allowing online players to Invade can be enabled or disabled.

Is crossplay in online multiplayer possible?

Online play is possible between the following versions. Crossplay between different hardware is not supported.
  • 1. PlayStation®5, PlayStation®4
  • 2. Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Microsoft Store
  • 3. Steam®

Is it possible to indicate the purpose of a room when recruiting for multiplayer?

It is not supported.

Game Details

How often can you interact with generals (Cao Cao, Liu Bei, Sun Jian, etc.)?

For each mission, there are generals that can be selected to accompany you.

Is the story until the Yellow Turban Rebellion? Does it continue beyond that?

The story continues past the Yellow Turban Rebellion. To see how far the story goes, please play the game to find out.

Can weapon skills be transferred from one weapon to another of the same type?

Martial arts cannot be transferred. Special effects of the weapon can be changed.

Can the character creation be changed later? Can it be shared by character code as in Nioh?

As the game progresses, the appearance of the character can be changed as often as you like. Also, characters can be shared by using a code. However, code sharing is limited within the following categories.
  • 1. PlayStation®5, PlayStation®4
  • 2. Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Microsoft Store
  • 3. Steam®

Can some voice effects be turned off?

Individual voices cannot be turned off, but it is possible to control the volume of BGM, sound effects and voices.

Is there an item that can be used or a way to play the game always at low or zero Morale?

This is not supported. It maybe be considered for an updated.
Updated 05.26.2023
This is now possible with the latest update. (From the Battle Flag menu, select Battle Preparation, then Inner Discipline to change the setting.) Please ensure that the latest update is applied.

Is there any way to avoid having to unlock Wizardry again with the Morale Rank resetting in every mission?

There is no way to unconditionally unlock Morale Rank, and it must be increased on its own. Depending on the number of Battle Flags raised in each chapter, it can supplement in increasing the Morale Rank points earned after defeating enemies.

Is there a screen or timer check how fast you are finishing a stage?

You can check the shortest clear time for each mission from the Record menu. There is no timer available to show during the entire game and loading times.

Can the HUD be adjusted?

No, this is not supported.

Will the same content be offered for the Steam and PC versions as for the console versions?

Essentially the same content can be played. The asynchronous online Vengeance system's notification of when it is cleared is not supported for Steam®, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One and Microsoft Store due to server specifications.