Demo Feedback Report

Thank you to everyone who played the Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty demo
during its limited time release from September 16 - 25, 2022,
and to everyone who answered the survey.
During the survey period,
we received over 80,000 responses from around the world.

The entire development team takes all of the comments and suggestions seriously,
and we are working towards adjusting and improving the game before its release.

Survey results from key sections are shown below along with comments
from the development team and notes on where improvements are being planned.

Survey Categories

*Note: percentages rounded down to the nearest whole number

Overall Demo Rating
Overall, how would you rate the demo?
  • Positive89%

  • Average9%

  • Negative1%

Overall Adjustment Guideline
  • Improve Deflects to make them easier to use, and make adjustments so that it is easier to try switching between offense and defense.
  • Improve elements that were hard to play such as control input and camera behavior.
  • Improve the quality of multiplayer.
Overall, how would you rate the battles?
  • Positive88%

  • Average 10%

  • Negative 2%

Planned Adjustments
  • Alleviate the frame input and judgement of Deflects, and also adjust the amount of Spirit that increases or decreases.
  • Revise the overall amount of Spirit that increases or decreases as well as the recovery speed, and make adjustments to expand strategy options.
  • Strengthen the lock-on ability of follow-up attacks after Deflects.
  • Strengthen the visual cues when Deflects are successful.
  • For Martial Arts and Wizardry Spells that were difficult to use, edit upwards the activation speed and amount of Spirit used.
  • Improve simultaneous input so that it is easier to activate Summon Divine Beast and Divine Beast Resonance.
  • Improve the input when using items and make it easier to use with each type of action.
  • Shorten the action to use the Dragon's Cure Pot (recovery item) and speed up the recovery process.
Overall, how would you rate the graphics?
  • Positive 74%

  • Average 22%

  • Negative 5%

Planned Adjustments
  • Stabilize the frame rate and improve the graphic quality through rendering optimization.
Overall, how would you rate the sound (music, sound effects, voices)?
  • Positive 83%

  • Average 15%

  • Negative 2%

Planned Adjustments
  • Improve the sound effects for Deflects, attack hits, etc.
  • Adjust the volume balance.
Level Design, Difficulty
How would you rate the proximity of the placement of enemies and their strength during the missions?
How would you rate the difficulty level of the boss battle?
  • Positive 72%

  • Average 22%

  • Negative 6%

Planned Adjustments
  • Eliminate immediate death after falling into the abyss and instead be restored to the position right before falling with a certain amount of damage taken.
  • Strengthen route guidance by adjusting the lighting and placement of objects.
  • Enhance the difference in the way Battle Flags and Marking Flags look before they are raised.
How would you rate the tutorial length and ease of understanding?
  • Positive 68%

  • Average 23%

  • Negative 9%

Planned Adjustments
  • Revise the timing of when tutorials appear and strengthen reminders.
  • Add tutorials for elements that lack sufficient explanation.
What was your impression of the way the gauges and icons appeared on-screen during battle?
How did you feel about the user-friendliness and controls of the menu screens?
  • Positive 66%

  • Average 24%

  • Negative 9%

Planned Adjustments
  • Add the capability to use several consumable items at once, such as Genuine Qi Shards
  • Increase the default font size and improve legibility.
  • Enhance the appearance of when the upper limit of Spirit is being reduced.
  • Other interface and usability related improvements.
Online Multiplayer
How would you rate your satisfaction of Online Multiplayer? (Alliance/Co-op)
*Note: Based on those who played multiplayer mode.
  • Positive 70%

  • Average 21%

  • Negative 9%

Planned Adjustments
  • Improve synchronization in multiplayer mode.
  • Adjust enemy strength and Spirit corrections during multiplayer mode.
  • Improve the stability of matching.
Character Creator
How would you rate your satisfaction of the Character Creator?
  • Positive 81%

  • Average 17%

  • Negative 3%

Planned Adjustments
  • Add a highlight function to indicate what parts have changed when making adjustments in each category.
  • Add variations of hairstyles and accessories.
Additional Adjustments


  • Improve camera shake during attacks.
  • Improve the camera behavior in narrow areas and against walls.
  • Revise the lock-on behavior so that aiming at intended targets is improved.

Morale Rank

  • Adjust the Morale Points earned when enemies with a higher Morale Rank are defeated.
  • Change the player's Morale Rank so that it can increase higher than the maximum Fortitude Rank.
  • Make adjustments so that Morale Points can be earned when attacks that consume Spirit land.

Growth Elements

  • Revise the Spirit and guard performance of each weapon type to increase uniqueness.
  • Adjust the influence factor of equipment weight.

Other Adjustments

  • Other various bug fixes

A Message From the Development Team

Thank you to the many players who participated in the survey.
We will proceed with making changes based on the direction in this report so that we can meet your expectations.
We hope you will continue to look forward to Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty.