Final demo

The final demo will feature two early stages of the game,
Chapter 1: Village of Calamity along with Chapter 2: Two Chivalrous Heroes.

Online multiplayer will also be available in the demo, and by clearing the first chapter and transferring the saved data to the
main game, players will earn the in-game item “Crouching Dragon Helmet”.

Demo period: April 11 (Tue.) @ 9:00PM PT to April 18 (Tue.) @ 9:00PM PT

*Please note that the demo cannot be downloaded or played beyond the date listed above.
*Please note that the demo will only be available on Steam and not on other platforms.
*If you have already purchased the full game, you will not be able to download the demo.

Demo Playthrough


Bonus for clearing demo

In-game item“Crouching Dragon Helmet”

  • The Crouching Dragon Helmet can be obtained by clearing the first chapter and
    carrying the save data from the demo to the main game.
  • The bonus can be obtained in the retail version of the game.

Additional information

  • The demo is an in-development version of the game and will differ from the final product.
  • The save data from this demo can be carried over to the main game.