Dead or Alive 5 Last Round Ver. 1.01A Changes

Xbox One : 3/1/2015 / Xbox 360 : 2/27/2015
Xbox One
Xbox 360
Fixed a bug that would hang the game when playing Tutorial #40.9 in French, Italian, German, or Spanish. Also fixed the bug that would corrupt save data after clearing Tutorial #40.8.
Added the ability to unlock all costumes (excluding those for Raidou & Honoka), all Story Mode timeline chapters, all movies (excluding those for Raidou & Honoka), all system voice options, music and the OMG setting for breast motion.

[HOW TO UNLOCK] Select Help & Options in the Main Menu. Then press LB+RB+LT+RT when the Help & Options submenu is displayed. There will be a sound, and the game will save the items above in their unlocked state.

NOTE FOR CORE FIGHTERS USERS: The following features are not unlocked: Story Mode timeline chapters, movies, and background music.
Greatly reduced the frequency of crashes when searching for opponents in Ranked Matches, Lobby Matches, and Throwdowns. -
Fixed a bug that prevented the game from working with arcade sticks. -
In order to prevent resetting save data on Xbox 360 when starting the game without all mandatory catalogs, we have locked the Xbox Games Store menu item. The mandatory catalogs are needed in order to update the Xbox 360 version of Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate to Dead or Alive 5 Last Round. Please see this page for details. -