Demo Strategy Tips

How to View the Battle Screen

Morale RankPlayer's current Morale Rank and Points
HP GaugeCurrent HP level
Spirit GaugeCurrent Spirit level
Useable ItemsItems available for use
Genuine Qi AmountExperience points used to level up
Equipped WeaponsLeft: Currently equipped melee weapon
Right: Currently equipped ranged weapon & ammunition
Divine Beast GaugeCurrently set Divine Beast and Gauge
Martial ArtsCurrently set Martial Arts
Wizardry SpellsCurrently set Wizardry Spells
Sense Qi MapDisplays destination and enemy locations
Note: Current Fortitude Rank and number of Battle Flags/Marking Flags acquired are displayed on the left
Opponent InformationOpponent’s HP, Morale Rank and Spirit Gauge
*Bosses display a dedicated UI at the top of the screen
Ally InformationAlly’s HP and Morale Rank


Notice the Morale Rank

Green: Below the player
Yellow: 1-4 points higher than the player
Red: 5 or more points higher than the player

If your opponent's Morale Rank is higher than yours, the enemy will be stronger. By defeating enemies with a similar Morale Rank to yours, you will increase your Morale Rank and thereby make it easier for you to fight.

The higher the Morale Rank of the enemy, the more damage the player will receive. However, the benefits of the challenge are also increased, such as gaining more Morale Points and increasing the drop rate of rare items

Find Battle Flags and Marking Flags to increase your Morale Rank

There are several Battle Flags in a stage that serve as checkpoints and Marking Flags that are elements to be explored.

Finding Battle Flags and Marking Flags will increase your Fortitude Rank. The higher your Fortitude Rank, the higher your Morale Rank will be when you when you retry the stage, and the easier it will be to re-challenge enemies.

Equip yourself with highly defensive armor

Equipping armor with high defensive properties can greatly reduce the amount of damage received.

Highly defensive armor has a heavier equipment weight.The upper limit of the equipment weight can be increased by raising your Earth Virtue level. Therefore, if you often take damage from opponents, first raise your Earth Virtue level.

  • Reassignment of parameters will be unlocked as the game progresses.

Keep a strong guard

Except for the opponent's Critical Blow (attacks that glow red), you can guard (L1 / LB) to prevent them. Until you learn your opponent's attack or you find an opportunity to attack your opponent, protect yourself by guarding and seize the opportunity to counterattack.

Deflect attacks

When guarding, your Spirit Gauge will decrease. If your opponent attacks strongly, Deflect (○ / B ) at the right time.

If you succeed, you will receive the following benefits.

  • Spirit is restored
  • Damage to your opponent's Spirit and Spirit Gauge
  • Some opponents will stagger, revealing an opportunity to attack

Learn your opponent's attacks and aim to Deflect. If you press the button a little earlier, you will be more likely to succeed.

Watch out for the enemy's Critical Blow (red glowing attack)

The opponent's Critical Blow (attacks that glow red) cannot be blocked by guarding. Instead, a successful Deflect ( 〇 / B ) can be used as a powerful counter.

During the Critical Blow, after the body glows red, the attacking area glows for a moment before the attack. If you Deflect at the brief glowing moment, you can successfully counterattack.

While guarding against the opponent's attack, learn the movement of the opponent's Critical Blow. Aim for a counterattack by Deflecting.

Damage the opponent's Spirit and aim for a Fatal Strike

If the opponent's HP is high and you cannot find a chance to attack, you can inflict heavy damage by performing a Fatal Strike.

By using Deflect (○/B), Spirit Attack (△/Y), and/or Martial Arts (R1+□/△/RB+X/Y), you can easily aim for a Fatal Strike.

To avoid being noticed by the enemy, approach from behind or above.

Reduce the opponent's Spirit Gauge limit with Spirit Attacks

The opponent's Spirit will recover over time. However, you can damage the Spirit Gauge itself to shorten it.

You can damage the upper limit of your opponent's Spirit Gauge with Spirit Attacks ( △ / Y ).The higher your Spirit, the more powerful your Spirit Attack will be.

You can use Normal Attacks ( □ / X ) and Deflect ( 〇 / B ) to restore your Spirit. When your Spirit is positive, you can use Spirit Attacks aggressively.

Use your Martial Arts to inflict great Spirit Damage

By using Martial Arts (R1+□/△/RB+X/Y), you can inflict a large amount of Spirit damage.

Martial Arts use a special attack action such as the following:

  • Attacking while dodging the opponent’s attack;
  • Move far away from the opponent while attacking; and
  • Inflict powerful continuous attacks, even with huge openings.

Once you have acquired a weapon, try out the Martial Arts and figure out how to use it. It will become easier to aim for a Fatal Strike.

Use Wizardry Spells

By raising the your level, Wizardry Spells (R2 + □, △, 〇, ×/RT + A, B, X, Y) can be obtained. By skillfully using Wizardry Spells, you can gain an advantage in battle.

In addition, by inflicting element attacks, you can cause “Status Effects" to your opponent.When activated, they will have the following effects and can be a great opportunity in battle.

  • When activated, the opponent's action is forced to stop, creating a large opportunity to attack. It also inflicts a large amount of damage.
  • While it is activated, it continues to have a negative effect on the opponent
Wood Phase: Absorb Vitality
  • Available when Wood Virtue Lv.3 and Morale Rank 0.
  • When you inflict damage on an enemy, you can recover HP.
  • Wood Phase: Lightning Bolt must be learned first.
Fire Phase: Bursting Fireball
  • Available when Fire Virtue Lv.1 and Morale Rank 3
  • Performs a Fire attack on the enemy in front of you
Earth Phase: Enhanced Defense
  • Available when Earth Virtue Lv.2 and Morale Rank 3
  • Reduces damage taken from enemies
  • Not falter during enemy attacks (Excluding Critical Blows)
Metal Phase: Repression Crush
  • Available when Metal Virtue Lv.2 and Morale Rank 0
  • Can slow down the automatic recovery speed of the enemy's Spirit
Water Phase: Frost Lance
  • Available when Water Virtue Lv.1 and Morale Rank 0
  • Performs Ice type ranged attacks.
  • Continuous input allows for continuous attacks.