“Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty” License Agreement

1.Software License

2.Prohibited Actions

When using the Product hereunder, you may not:

3.Scope of Warranty and Liability

4.Customer Support

You agree and acknowledge that Koei Tecmo shall provide you with customer support for the Product subject to the following terms and conditions:

5.Registration for use of the Product

6.The Internet connection for use of the Product

7.Termination of this Agreement

Koei Tecmo may immediately terminate the license hereunder in case of your breach hereof. In this case, you shall, according to Koei Tecmo’s instructions, delete the Product (including all components and copies thereof) from the computer (including a hard drive or other storage device) on which the Product is installed.

8.Export Control

You shall not export, directly or indirectly, the Product in whole or in part in any form, to any country without first obtaining necessary export license or other governmental approval of Japanese government or the relevant country’s government.

9.General Provisions