Ryu Hayabusa Ayane Regent of the Mask Mizuki McCloud Canna Cliff Ken Ishigami Momiji Lovelace Chairman of LOA
  • Ryu Hayabusa

    A shinobi of the Hayabusa clan and d
    escendant of the Dragon Ninjas.
    His battle-hardened experience has given
    him skills and courage far beyond
    the realm of ordinary humans.
  • Ayane

    A young Mugen Tenshin prodigy.
    She supports Ryu from the shadows as
    he battles his enemies and his curse.
  • Regent of the Mask

    A mysterious masked figure
    that appears wherever Ryu goes.
    His unusual appearance hides his
    mysterious goals.
  • Mizuki McCloud

    Accompanies Ryu throughout his mission
    under direct orders from her superior, Ishigami.
  • Canna

    A young girl that lives together with Mizuki.
    Though frightened of Ryu and his fellow assassins
    at first, in time she grows to trust him.
  • Cliff

    A contract scientist working on a special project for
    Japan's Self-Defense Force. One of the few people
    who truly understands Ryu, he supports him with his
    engineering knowledge as well as a state-of-the-art bow.
  • Ken Ishigami

    Official government liaison for the Ministry of Defense.
    Though he supports Ryu Hayabusa in his battle
    against the London uprising, his true motives
    are shrouded in mystery.
  • Momiji

    The sole remaining Dragon Shrine Maiden of the Hayabusa
    clan, she is like a sister to all the village's children.
    She uses her shrine maiden powers to help Ryu
    fend off his curse and partners with him to defeat
    the Hayabusa clan's sworn enemy, the Black Spider clan.
  • Lovelace

    Head of the ultra-secret laboratory run by Regent
    of the Mask's mysterious organization.
    Cool and calculating, she tries to capture Ryu
    in order to study him as a test subject.
  • Chairman of LOA

    The head of LOA, the most powerful
    conglomerate in the world, he is
    using LOA's state-of-the-art
    engineering to build powerful
    weapons of war.
    Both his true goals and his
    connection to Regent of
    the Mask remain a mystery.