New downloadable costumes and Throwdown Challenges from Team NINJA themselves will be available for DEAD OR ALIVE Dimensions through SpotPass!

* Once you have received costume data, you can check it through the Main Menu.
You need an SD Card to save costumes.

* Throwdown Challenges...
Characters data straight from the developers. Have a virtual fight against the creators themselves in Throwdown mode!

("SP" will display on these Challengers in the menu.)

Anyone who takes on the challenge will get a rare figurine, but there might be even more in store if you pull off a win!

<Costume Release Schedule>
◆Release Schedule
1st Round: May 20th (Fri) to June 22nd (Wed), 2011
2nd Round (repeat): June 24th to July 27th (Wed), 2011
A new costume will be released everyday.
Types of costumes and release order are the same in both rounds.
◆Content: New special costumes (34 in total). One costume will be distributed per day.
◆Price: Free

<Throwdown Challenges Release Schedule>
◆Delivery date: May 20th (Fri) to November 11th (Fri), 2011
A new challenge will be released every week.
◆Content: 26 different Challenges from Team NINJA. Have a virtual fight against members of Team NINJA.
◆Price: Free
*Note : Contents and schedule may be changed without any prior notice.

How to get your costumes via SpotPass.
(1) Make sure your 3DS can connect to the internet.
Consult your Nintendo 3DS Instruction Manual for detailed setup.

(2) Create additional data for DEAD OR ALIVE Dimensions
Follow on-screen instructions when you boot up the game and create additional data. In order to create additional data you will need an SD Card inserted into your 3DS. On the OPTIONS menu select NETWORK. From there you can check the settings for “StreetPass”, "Costumes” and “Notifications.” If these items are set to OFF, make sure you turn them ON so you can receive data.

(3) Waiting for the SpotPass to receive data
The timing of receiving data via SpotPass varies from user to user. If your settings are correct wait a bit and see whether the data has been received. If you still cannot receive the data, make sure you check your settings first.

(4) How to use new costumes
If you successfully manage to get the new costumes a confirmation message will be displayed on the MODE SELECT screen. You will be able to use the new costumes on the COSTUME SELECT screen. Costumes which are displayed as DOWNLOAD are the ones which were downloaded via SpotPass.

(5) Fighting against Challengers
You can use the Challenge data in the THROWDOWN mode to fight against your Challengers. When SP is displayed next to the name of the Challenger, this indicates the Challengers received via SpotPass.