PlayStation®3:06/17/2014  Xbox 360®:06/18/2014
■About the PlayStation®3 version number
This is the Ver. 1.07 update for the PlayStation®3, Xbox 360®, and Arcade versions. The PlayStation®3 update confirmation screen will show "Ver. 1.06" (or "Ver. 1.05" for the European download version), but this will be corrected to "Ver. 1.07" when the update is complete.
■ General changes
PS3™ Xbox360®
Data added for new character Phase 4. (Playable after an unlock key is purchased)
Note: Music and system voice setting have not been added for this character.
19 titles added for Phase 4.
3 victory movies and 1 defeat movie added for Phase 4.
System for saving replay data changed for compatibility with various patch changes.
Replays saved in Ver. 1.07 will not be playable in previous versions.
■ Bug fixes
PS3™ Xbox360®
Photos from the PS3 version now upload correctly to Facebook.
The "Exercise Newbie" trophy can now be obtained after clearing all characters' Command Training in DOA5U: Core Fighters and upgrading to the full version of DOA5U.
Music now plays correctly during online matches for the Xbox 360 version.
Fixed a bug in ver. 1.05 that prevented Donovan's system voice from being unlocked when Alpha-152's Command Training was cleared.
Fixed a bug that caused the "Other" page of the Fight Log to double the count for each category when Marie Rose was being used.
Fixed a bug in Free Training that caused the COM to become unresponsive when the character was set to Alpha-152 and the COM behavior was set to levels 1-8.
Phase 4's Power Blow animation fixed so that water effects display correctly.
Power Blows against a wall in the Sky City Tokyo stage now behave correctly as wall hits.
■ Balance changes


P : Punch  K : Kick  H : Hold  T : Throw  _ : Hold down button (Ex: 3_P = hold down 3, then P)
PS3™ Xbox360®
GENERAL The changes for this version consist mainly of bug fixes and command input changes. Some moves and positions with multiple directional input possibilities have been simplified to only one direction in order to decrease the chance of unintended inputs. We have also applied fan feedback to make adjustments to Phase 4, who is making her first debut on home consoles from the Japanese arcade version. Our priority was to maintain her unique strike-based, combo-driven style.
KASUMI 236T: Improved command input feel.
JANN LEE PPP6P max charge: Guard advantage changed from GB(-12) to GB(+6).
Dragon Stance H: Command changed to Dragon Stance 6H.
KOKORO 236T~Heichu P: When the 236T portion is input as 236HP (with H and P one frame apart), this will no longer trigger Heichu P.
GEN FU To juggled opponent T: Fixed a bug that caused Counter and Hi Counter stuns to also be applied to follow-up moves when the opponent was hit against a certain wall in The Show stage.
AKIRA 6P+K: When the move hits and causes a Critical Finish, the opponent will now be knocked down.
3H or 9H vs. a high strike: Fixed so that the follow-up P is only possible if the hold was successful.
3H or 9H vs. a low punch: Fixed so that the follow-up P is only possible if the hold was successful.
PHASE 4 Changed some character lines.
6P: PP6P→6P to an opponent in Critical State no longer triggers a Critical Finish.
6PK (on first strike hit): Damage increased from 12 to 16.
3P: Adjusted so that certain inputs no longer cause the move to end after the first hit.
2P: Advantage on normal hit changed from -1F to 0F.
1PP (on first strike hit): Changed the stun for Counter Hits and higher.
7K: Damage increased from 30 to 33.
Chifu K: Damage increased from 22 to 25.
Back-turned KKP: No longer can be used, for consistency with her front-facing move chains.
Back-turned KK6K: No longer can be used, for consistency with her front-facing move chains.
236T: Improved command input feel. Damage increased from 18+15 to 16+15.