* Please use the same Sony Entertainment Network account on PlayStation®3 and PlayStation®Vita.
Q1: Will DLC and other data carry over from Dead or Alive 5?
A1: Please see the following chart:
DEAD OR ALIVE 5 Dead or Alive 5 Plus
Automatically detected on startup if Dead or Alive 5 DLC is installed.

* Costumes purchased for Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate cannot be carried over to Dead or Alive 5.

DLC purchased for Dead or Alive 5+ must first be downloaded to PS3™. (See A2 for more information)

* Costumes purchased for Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate cannot be carried over to Dead or Alive 5 Plus.
(Titles, Fight Records, etc.)
Costumes unlocked in Dead or Alive 5 via Cross-Save with Dead or Alive 5+ will not carry over unless their unlock conditions were also fulfilled in Dead or Alive 5.


1. You unlock Hayabusa Costume 3 in Dead or Alive 5+ by clearing Arcade mode.

2. You use Cross-Save to carry over the costume to Dead or Alive 5.
  A PS Vita icon shows up when you choose this costume on the Character Select screen.

  ⇒At this point, Hayabusa Costume 3 will not be unlocked in Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate when you carry over data.

3. You clear Arcade mode again in Dead or Alive 5, thus fulfilling the costume's unlock conditions.
The PS Vita icon no longer displays for this costume.
  ⇒At this point, Hayabusa Costume 3 will be unlocked in Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate when you carry over your save data.
Q2: How can I carry over DLC purchased for PS Vita to PS3™?
A2: DLC purchased for Dead or Alive 5+ on PS Vita can be downloaded for free on Dead or Alive 5 on PS3™ by following these steps:

1. Go to PSStore for PS3™ and navigate to the Dead or Alive 5 page.
2. You will see a chart showing which content is downloadable as Cross-Goods.
  Please confirm that the price is listed as "free" and that the button reads "Download" before downloading.

Q3: I can't use a costume that I purchased for Dead or Alive 5.
A3: Check if the Dead or Alive 5 DLC is installed to your PS3™ system on XMB. If it's not installed, you can download it again on PSStore. DLC that has already been purchased can be re-downloaded for free.

Q4: The costume I'm looking for isn't listed for individual sale on PSStore for Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate.
A4: You may have already purchased a costume pack containing that item, or you may have already purchased that item for Dead or Alive 5.

Q5: Which movies can I change the character costumes for?
A5: Costumes can be changed for each character's victory and defeat movies.

Q6: Can I play in Team Fight mode online?
A6: No. This mode is only available offline.

Q7: Can I choose the opponent characters when I play against the COM in Team Fight mode?
A7: No. The COM characters will be chosen at random.

Q8: (PS3™ only) Some thumbnails in the Album show a symbol that looks like they are not available. What does this mean?
A8: Photos are currently not viewable when you are signed into PlayStation®Network with an account other than the one used to take the photo.

Q9: When I deleted the download version of Dead or Alive 5, I was no longer able to use the DLC in Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate.
A9: The DLC can be downloaded again from PSStore.

Q10: When I purchased the download version of Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate, DOA5U: Core Fighters also showed up on my download list. Do I really need to install this?
A10: DOA5U: Core Fighters needs to be installed in order to run the download version of Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate. Please make sure you install all content on the download list.

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Q1: Do I need an Online Pass to play online?
A1: No. An Online Pass is not required.

Q2: What is a NAT type?
A2: Your NAT type determines what users you would be best matched with. It may be difficult for players with Type 3 (PS3™)/Strict (Xbox 360) to find matches, so we recommend that these players change their settings according to the following:
PS3 : http://manuals.playstation.net/document/en/ps3/current/settings/connecttest.html#connectPSNetwork
Xbox : http://support.xbox.com/en-US/xbox-live/connecting/nat-error-solution

*Please note that we are unable to answer questions regarding this setup process.

Q3: When the host changes, I'm sometimes shown a "Communication check failed" message and returned to the main menu.
A3: This message is shown when you have become unable to communicate directly with the host. This is more likely to occur when a player with NAT Type 3 (PS3™)/Strict (Xbox 360) becomes the host, for example.

Q4: I can't search for/connect to a lobby that's been created.
A4: Make sure that both you and the host have text displayed in your information bars. If not, please refer to Q6.

Q5: What does it mean when the connection icon is shown inside angular brackets (< >) instead of square brackets ([ ])?
A5: Angular brackets are shown for wireless connections, and square brackets for LAN connections.

Q6: Nothing is displaying inside my information bar.
A6: Make sure you are signed in to PlayStation®Network or Xbox LIVE.

Q7: What specific changes have been made to make online play run more smoothly?
A7: ・It has become easier for players to enter lobbies. The system has changed so that anyone who is able to
 communicate with the host is able to join.
・The matchmaking system has been improved to make it easier to find an opponent for Ranked Matches
 and Throwdowns.
・The netcode has been updated so that users experience less network lag.

Q8: (PS3™ only) I get Error 8002D001 when I try to upload to YouTube.
A8: This error occurs when you are not signed into YouTube and in other certain situations. Please see the following link for information on creating a custom URL to upload:

Q9: I can't search for other players on PS3™.
A9: Please perform the following steps:
 *Note: You may be required to change your router settings.

1. Refer to the following page to check your router settings.

2. (If your router's UPnP setting is off) Ensure that the following ports are open:
 *If your router's UPnP function is enabled, it is possible for a port to be blocked even with the above settings applied.
 Please disable UPnP before configuring your port settings.
 *If your router's UPnP function is disabled, please also disable the UPnP setting in the Network Settings menu
 of your PlayStation 3 system.
TCP 80 443 3478 3479 3480 5223 8080
UDP 3478 3479 3658

3. Enable ICMP in your router settings.
 *Now please try searching again.

4. (If unsuccessful) Ensure that the following ports are open:
UDP 49152-65535

 *Now please try searching again.

5. (If unsuccessful) If you have a headset connected, please disable it.
This will decrease the risk of communication failure when creating an online session.
 *Now please try searching again.

6. (If unsuccessful)
It is possible that no players currently exist who meet the specified search conditions.
Try changing your search conditions, or waiting and searching again.

Q10: (PS3™ only) Why doesn't the antenna show up for some lobbies?
A10: First, make sure ICMP is enabled in your router settings. If the antenna still doesn't display, the host may have ICMP disabled, which in some cases might cause connection problems with the host and prevent you from joining the lobby.

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Q1: What's the difference between Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate and Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate: Core Fighters?
A1: Please see the following page:

Q2: Can I use Exhibition mode in DOA5U: Core Fighters?
A2: No. Exhibition mode can only be used in the full version of Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate.

Q3: I'm not able to unlock some of the costumes.

Note: Previous DOA5 players can already use these costumes in DOA5U.

Some costumes cannot be unlocked in DOA5U: Core Fighters. To use these, you will need to either purchase them as DLC for Dead or Alive 5, or upgrade to the full version of Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate. Please also note that the costume unlock conditions may vary between DOA5U and DOA5U: Core Fighters.
DOA5U: Core Fighters can be used with Ver. 1.02 and higher. (10/8/2013 Update)

■ Included in the full version, cannot be unlocked in Core Fighters
Round 2 Costumes Kitty Pack, What a Character, Special Set
Round 3 Costumes Special Set 2 (Top Bunnies costume for Mila only)
Round 4 Costumes Top Bunnies, Angels, DOATEC Divas, Special Bunny Pack
Round 5 Costumes China Pack, Special Set 3, Formal Wear
Round 9 Costumes Fighter Pack
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