PlayStation®3 Version:15/10/2013 Xbox 360® Version:16/10/2013

System Changes
New/changed features
New stage “Haunted Lorelei” added. PS3™/Xbox360®
New music “Imps' Ball” and “Ghouls' Ball” added. PS3™/Xbox360®
“Fights” and “Wins” information no longer displayed when an opponent is found for Ranked Matches. PS3™/Xbox360®
“Searching for opponents” message added when searching for a Throwdown opponent. PS3™/Xbox360®
Settings except for lobby names now remembered when creating and searching for lobbies. PS3™/Xbox360®
Lobby chat character limit increased from 20 to 100. PS3™/Xbox360®
Added numbers to differentiate between stages of the same name in Movies. PS3™/Xbox360®
Updated the way replay data is saved to be compatible with the changes in Ver. 1.03. Replays saved in 1.03 will not be playable in earlier versions of DOA5U. PS3™/Xbox360®
Bug fixes
Xbox360 online fights fixed to display animations more smoothly. Xbox360®
Changed the error message for clarity that displays when the player attempts to join a tag partner in a lobby where a match is already underway. PS3™/Xbox360®
Fixed the information bar location within lobbies. PS3™/Xbox360®
Fixed the display of the red recovery portion of the health gauge for spectators viewing tag matches in lobbies. PS3™/Xbox360®
Settings except for lobby names now remembered when creating and searching for lobbies. PS3™
Fixed issue with Survival tag matches that prevented tag changes immediately after an opponent was defeated. PS3™/Xbox360®
Jacky now correctly guards high punches in Free Training mode when selected as the COM opponent and “Standing Guard” or “Guard All” are chosen as his COM reactions. PS3™/Xbox360®
Fixed demonstrations that were playing incorrectly in Command Training. PS3™/Xbox360®
Fixed an issue when viewing victory and defeat animations in Movies that prevented progress when certain costumes were selected. PS3™/Xbox360®
Fixed an issue when viewing victory and defeat animations in Movies that displayed all selectable costumes as Zack's costumes and prevented progress. PS3™/Xbox360®
Corrected the error message that displayed when attempting to upload a YouTube™ video in Spectator mode on an account with chat restrictions. PS3™
Values for “Command Training Completed” and “Combo Challenges Completed” in the Fight Log fixed so as not to exceed 100%. PS3™/Xbox360®
Added subtitles to Hayabusa's “Justice wins!” victory quote. PS3™/Xbox360®
Fixed Jann Lee's subtitles to correctly match the spoken lines. PS3™/Xbox360®
Fixed an issue that prevented Leon's entrance animation from playing correctly and caused the camera to become player-controlled in matches against Bayman. PS3™/Xbox360®
Added missing commands to Command List. PS3™/Xbox360®
Corrected some Move Details. PS3™/Xbox360®
Fixed an issue when players turned fight messages on or off in the pause menu that prevented the change from being applied until the next round. PS3™/Xbox360®
Fixed so that the Move Details page turn sound effect no longer plays when pressing the left and right directional keys in Tutorial, Combo Challenge, and other modes. PS3™/Xbox360®
Fixed to correctly count fight records transferred from DOA5 toward title unlock requirements. Please carry over save data from DOA5 after applying this patch in order for fight records to be counted.

The following title unlock requirements were effected:
 ”Fight X times online”
 ”Win X times online”
 ”Use [character] X times”
 ”Win X times online with [character]”
Fixed the description for the “Streak Breaker” title. PS3™/Xbox360®
Corrected the following trophy/achievement descriptions from “Clear all courses” to “Clear 1 course” to match the actual unlock conditions in-game:

 Arcade (Tag) Cleared
 Time Attack (Tag) Cleared
 Survival (Tag) Cleared
Fixed an issue with Leifang's display after performing multiple Power Launchers in Free Training and other modes. PS3™/Xbox360®
Fixed an issue with the “Fuel” stage so that characters are no longer able to go outside the stage. PS3™/Xbox360®
Fixed the camera behavior during certain throws when performed near a wall. PS3™/Xbox360®
Fixed an issue that allowed players to cancel the recovery time for certain strikes. PS3™/Xbox360®
Fixed the timing of the Power Blow charge-up animation, which was previously off by 1 frame. PS3™/Xbox360®
Fixed an issue with the damage after certain staggers in tag matches. PS3™/Xbox360®
Fixed an issue in Story mode in the second fight of Chapter 70 that prevented progress after a successful Force Out. PS3™/Xbox360®
Fixed Leon's air throws to register correctly as wall hits against certain objects. PS3™/Xbox360®
Fixed to allow tech rolls after being staggered in midair. PS3™/Xbox360®
Fixed an issue preventing followup combo throws after Rachel's 214P+K hits a launched opponent. PS3™/Xbox360®
Fixed an issue after a throw escape from Zack's Ducking T, Hitomi's 236T, etc. that caused some characters to hold even without any player input. PS3™/Xbox360®
Fixed the bounce animation when landing from certain staggers in midair. PS3™/Xbox360®
Fixed the timing that tag changes are disabled after a Force Out. PS3™/Xbox360®
Adjusted the system criteria so that all hits that look like wall hits are counted as such. PS3™/Xbox360®
Changed part of the combo in Pai's “Tag Combo (from Pai)” Combo Challenge that used an unintended feature changed in this patch. PS3™/Xbox360®
Fixed Pai's 66P+K to prevent it from being read as 466P+K after a back dash, etc. PS3™/Xbox360®
Balance Changes

Control System Guide

P : Punch  K : Kick  H : Holds   T : Throws   _ : Hold down the button
Rachel 66K: Recovery increased by 4 frames. PS3™/Xbox360®
1PP, 214P: Advantage on block increased from -12 to -15 frames. PS3™/Xbox360®
Light ground attack: Initial frames increased from 17 to 22, whiff recovery increased to 12 frames. Damage on hit changed to 4+2+2+7. PS3™/Xbox360®
4PP: Initial frames changed from 16 to 19. PS3™/Xbox360®
Momiji 66PP: Pushback on guard changed to the same as for 236P.PS3™/Xbox360®
1PP: Advantage on block changed from -10 to -13 frames. PS3™/Xbox360®
Tenku K: Landing recovery time increased by 5 frames. PS3™/Xbox360®
Alpha-15266P, 6KP, 6KKP, 6KKKP: No longer guard breaks. Advantage on block changed to -3 frames.PS3™/Xbox360®
7K, KK7K, KKKK7K, etc.: Fixed an issue that allowed the landing animation to be cancelled. Landing recovery increased by 10 frames. PS3™/Xbox360®