Play with Kasumi, Hayabusa, Eliot, or Tina.
Face off against the full cast of COM opponents to enjoy the rich variety of DOA5+ characters and fighting styles!

Costumes unlocked in the normal course of gameplay can also be unlocked in the demo, so you can test out the exciting new DOA5+ features in style.
New costumes can also be unlocked for Kasumi and Hayabusa.
The costumes you unlock can not only be transferred to the full game, but can also be transferred via Cross-Save to your PlayStation®3!

Test your skills against COM opponents, or fight your friends in ad hoc and online modes.
Study in Spectator mode when you really want to improve your fight, or try out a Touch Fight when you feel like taking a break.
A world of fighting modes is at your fingertips in Dead or Alive 5 Plus! You can even fight with friends on PlayStation®3 using Cross-Play!

Fight in 8 stages, including the popular Zack Island. Interactive, dynamic stages add elements of both fun and challenge to your fights!

You can fight in the following stages:

Touch Fights are shown in 1st-person perspective, putting you right in the middle of the action for the most intuitive DOA fighting experience yet.
Hold your PS®Vita vertically for an up-close and personal view of your favorite characters!
Take advantage of the on-screen command log, super-detailed move info updated in real-time, and other training features to bring your fight to the next level.
Complete lessons and challenges to gain titles that are only available in Dead or Alive 5 Plus, and transfer them to Dead or Alive through Cross-Save with your PlayStation®3!

Practice key moves and strategies in real fight situations in the new Tutorial mode, learn the combos you need to really master your character in Combo Challenge mode, and more!
*Story mode is not playable in the demo.
*A Wi-Fi connection is required for online play.
More about the demo:
The demo can be downloaded on PlayStation®Network.
Click here for information about PlayStation®Network.
Some features in the demo are different from the full game.
The latest software update for PlayStation®Vita is required in order to play the demo.