*For questions regarding your router settings and network connection, please contact your router manufacturer or internet service provider.
Q: I can't search for other players on Xbox 360®.
A: Please perform the following steps:
 *Note: You may be required to change your router settings.

1. Refer to the following page to check your router settings.

2. (If your router's UPnP setting is off) Ensure that the following ports are open:
 *If your router's UPnP function is enabled, it is possible for a port to be blocked even with the above settings applied.
 Please disable UPnP before configuring your port settings.
TCP 53 80 1863 3074
UDP 53 88 1863 3074

3. Enable ICMP in your router settings. (Disable stealth mode *Note that this does not refer to the wireless LAN stealth mode.)
As stealth mode prevents your router from responding to incoming communication,
it must be turned off order to fight online.
 *Now please try searching again.

4. (If unsuccessful)
If you have a headset connected, please disable it.
This will decrease the risk of communication failure when creating an online session.
 *Now please try searching again.

5. (If unsuccessful)
It is possible that no players currently exist who meet the specified search conditions.
Try changing your search conditions, or waiting and searching again.