DEAD OR ALIVE 5 Last Round
Ver.1.09 Update Details

PS4™ Xbox One Steam : 11/15/2016
※Please note there is no update for PS3® or Xbox360.

■General Changes

Xbox One
Updated the post-rank match menu screen to display battle results.
Added a notification at game start when there are uninstalled catalogs. -
Added a notification prior to online fighting if the catalog relating to your opponent's costume has not been downloaded. -
Adjusted so that the Store screen is displayed if, during character selection, the △ button/Y button is pressed while selecting a DLC costume not currently possessed by the user. (Except during online mode.) -
Adjusted overall game balance. For details, please refer to the Balance Changes section.
Updated the main menu screen banner. -
Changed how replay data is saved to match game updates.
Replays saved in this version will not play back in older versions. Additionally, some replays created with older versions may not play correctly in this version.

■Bug Fixes

Xbox One
Fixed a bug where damage was not recorded when walls were hit during 「荷車デンジャー」 of the ATTACK ON TITAN stage.
In addition, changed explosion damage from 10⇒20.
Fixed the digital installation for some characters.
Fixed characters: Tina, Naotora Ii, Mai Shiranui
Fixed the bug during Tina's Command Training in which her Giant Swing move was not shown properly.
Fixed a bug during Free Training where, with the COM set to Mai Shiranui, assigning the COM to do a low throw resulted in a high throw instead.
Fixed a bug during Mai Shiranui's Combo Challenge where the stage was cleared even though certain of the required skills did not achieve successive crits.
Fixed the 8th line from the top on the 20th assignment of Mai Shiranui's Combo Challenge to read 4PKK. -
Fixed a bug during the 20th assignment of Mai Shiranui's Combo Challenge that allowed it to be cleared without stopping the final Yume-Zakura.
Fixed a bug that allowed Mai Shiranui's Kachousen to perform 2 HITS on opponents with their back to her.
Changed the damage timing for blows during Mai Shiranui's 崖っぷちデンジャー.
Fixed the subtitles for Mai Shiranui's victory motion ①. (Except in Japanese.)

■Balance Changes


P : Punch  K : Kick  H : Hold  T : Throw(same as H+P)  _ : Hold input, instead of tapping (e.g.:3_P means "Hold 3 down + press P")
Eliot 【Change Policy】Strengthened guard-break effect when successfully executing simultaneous input commands.
46P: Changed advantage on guard from GB(-3) to GB(2).
Nyotengu 【Change Policy】Adjusted length of stun after a successful hit to match other characters.
Adjusted an imbalance in which stun time after guarding against certain attacks differed from that of other characters.
Mai Shiranui 【Change Policy】Fixed a number of bugs and adjusted the performance of certain moves.
Standing Guard:Adjusted the defeat detection when using a high guard.
PP2K:Matched the Tip hit with the Tip hit and behavior of 2H+K.
66PK:Matched normal hit reaction to that of the greater counter.
9P:Adjust feel of input.
H+K:Fixed a bug in which the Jump (下段無効) frame had not been set.
Side step P+K:Changed to back turned status from frame 1.
Side step P+K:Fixed a bug in which the SP display was not shown during digital installation.
Back-turned 4K:Added jump, matched behavior to H+K.
Back-turned 2K:Added tip of foot hits.
Kachousen:Adjusted feel of input.
Kagerou no Mai:Changed from "no tracking" to tracking.
Musasabi no Mai:Extended 下段無効時間
High hold:Unified behavior to 0(18)12 to match other characters.
Mid P hold:Unified behavior to 0(18)12 to match other characters.
Mid K hold:Unified behavior to 0(18)12 to match other characters.
Critical High hold:Unified behavior to 0(18)17 to match other characters.
Critical Mid K hold:Unified behavior to 0(18)17 to match other characters.
The version number used on this page is the number displayed on the lower right of the Title Screen.
Depending on platform and region, this number might be different from the version number displayed when updating the game.