DEAD OR ALIVE 5 Last Round Ver. 1.03 Changes (PS4™/Xbox One)

PS4™ : 5/29/2015  Xbox One : 6/3/2015
Xbox One
When a costume that can be damaged is selected in Movies, users can now trigger the costume damage by pressing L1 while the movie is playing.
An icon has been added to the Select Character screen to indicate costumes that can be damaged.
Improved an issue where a signout notification is displayed when a user accepts a Ranked Match or Throwdown Challenge invitation. -
Improved an issue which caused a the game to crash when the user pressed the OPTIONS button with an external keyboard connected during a Lobby Match. -
Hair options F through H are now selectable in Movies.
GP increases and decreases are now reflected correctly in “Today’s Results”.
Changes in Options > Screen Settings are now remembered when the game is rebooted. -