True beauty is universal.
True fun is universal.

Creators go through many hardships to make these two things be able to bring joy and happiness to people.

Is it really something beautiful?
Is it really something fun?

20 years ago…

I was inspired to make things fun by just looking at them. To create things so beautiful that you just want to touch them. This passion led me to enter art school. One night I remember being out with my peers and subsequently my toughest rivals, who possessed so much uniqueness and flare. We were so drunk…for a moment, though, even with all the slurring and drunken talk, we got serious and made one promise to each other.
“It doesn’t matter how. Each one of us who is here right now…let’s try and change the world one step at a time.”
All those good friends from that night are in the top of their respective fields right now. From advertising, design, art, or games, they are all leading the pack.

What I am about to say is not an exaggerated statement or a joke. I still have that promise in my heart. And I am doing everything I can to change the world and make it a better place.
And, until the very end…