Whats Up! I am a fighter because the journey I have traveled in life has been a rigorious one. I have been faced with many challenges along the way. Wether it be growing up from a boy to a man, all the way to having dreams of becomming a proffesional gamer. Throughout wise teachings and core family values I have grown in leaps and bounds in order to become the man that stands before you today.. 
It all started when I was 9 years old, Growing up in Brooklyn New York when I had been confronted by lifes first hurdle. My father passed away. It was right then and there, that I decided to rise up against all the odds, and to pursue whatever it was my heart desired. From there I dedicated my body, mind and spirit to self progression. I now write my own music, have become a gaming personality and travel the world showcasing my abilities. However I am not satisfied or completed with my quest for greatness. Until I am sleeping on the clouds, the sky is the limit for a young man known as Rabies!
My name is Paul Santoro aka Rabies and
...A wise man once told me "Perseverence is the key to a door full of opportunity" - Master Genfu