As a child my curiosity and imagination were much more pronounced as compared to other kids my age. Everyone told me that I was a little brat who could not be restrained by his teachers. I used to pretend I was an action hero. Watching bad guys in anime and manga who wore Kendo outfits inspired me to start Kendo. And I used to play around with action figures, using them to come up with my own moves. I thought I could do anything. In my mind I was the ultimate hero. I realized that life was about to kick me in the face, however…

As any person becomes an adult they start to see their shortcomings. Whether it is relationships with people, academics, job hunting, work relations, whatever, for me life started to be one setback after the next. Overwhelmed with feeling of bitterness and disappointment, I was confused and there were times when I ran away from it all. However, luckily, there were some things that I found only I could do…at last.

One of those was creating fighting games. In my student days I used to compete in, and also run fighting game tournaments. I loved fighting games so much, I started to dedicate my life to them. For my job I wanted to use my pronounced creativity and imagination so I thought that rather than compete, I should make fighting games instead. The time has finally come to prove myself as a creator - Dead or Alive 5.

I am fighting every day to make the best fighter for all our fans out there. I work non-stop and I hardly sleep. I live and breathe DOA5. From every single direction there are unbelievably massive amounts of requests for the game. Even so, I will not give up. I will fight. I will answer all our fans and come out as a winner. I will prove myself to my family and staff that have supported me in my fight. I’m determined. I’m a fighter.

As a fighter I want to fight fair and win. But I am not the only fighter. People that want to win or protect something are all fighters. To all the fighters out there…let’s fight together!

My Name is Yohei Shimbori and