I guess first thing I took up competitive would be Tennis, than Break-Dancing, and now fighting games . My motto is specially including all three of them "Become the best you can be and reach for the highest point, but to always be happy where you land." Because of that I always like to push my self and always love a challenge. I'm proud that right now I landed to be know one of the top Kasumi players in DOA. Of course I'm going keep reaching for higher heights.

I started playing DOA when first online playable DOA came out yep DOA2U. I didn't take it serious but my friends played and told me to get, so I brought it and fell in love with DOA. The one thing I can't believe after my first ever tournament was GUTS (Gaming Underground Tournament Spectacular) that it would lead to me finding about how big and how many people play DOA and love to compete also. At GUTS I met Gill Hustle (now my coach) and Miss Mia, but long story short I started practice offline at UGS and traveling around for more tournaments. Plus just like in my tennis tournaments, and break-dance competition. I love the adrenaline rush going head to head against someone knowing it's literally your own skill against your opponent skill. I live for that type of fight, and being fighter isn't or has to be about physical violence . Its also about standing up, facing everyone in what you believe your great at, and trying to prove to the world you're the best.


My name is Kadeem Collins aka BBoy Dragon and