I remember first hearing about Dead Or Alive from Ryu Hayabusa himself!

He stated and I quote, "The Girls Are Knockouts!"

Needless to say I was intrigued. I picked up the original game and have been hooked on the series ever since. Back in those days arcades were still healthy around the US and they were a popular hangout for me after school. It was around that time that DOA2 was coming out and I told the local venue they should pick up a cabinet. Sure enough it arrived, and I was more then pleased.

New Graphics engine, Real Time cinematic events, Tag Battle, and the game was fun too. With each new iteration, the DOA series upped the bar on gameplay and presentation. But it wasn’t until DOA2U released featuring the first real online lobby system that brought back the arcade feel so many other domestic fighters lacked at the time. It was here in cyberspace that I discovered there were many more players that enjoyed the game as much as I did and a small but growing community developed.

With the arrival of DOA5, I had already been running/competing locally in other game tournaments and was always on the lookout for people wanting to play with. I found a few and together we support each other and the game we love in and out of state competitions.


My name is UGS Gill Hustle aka Greg Nicolas and