I started playing DOA in 2003 and began competing in offline tournaments in 2006. I quickly realized that I was not as good as I thought I was. In fact it took me three tournaments to win a single match against an opponent. I finally placed in the top 8 at C.P.L . I continued to travel and enter tournaments and in 2007 I fought my way in to the World Cyber games. That Summer I won my first tournament in San Antonio , TX . In 2008 I continued to compete and travel before I was selected to compete in the Championship Gaming Series with 64 of the best players in North America. By 2009, I had competed from California to Pennsylvania and from Texas to Illinois. To this day, I still play DOA and still enter tournaments. But if there is anything I have learned about life it is this...

"True confidence does not come from being the best at what you do"

"True confidence comes from getting knocked down and finding the strength to get back up and try again until you get it right"


My name is Fred Campbell and