The roar of the crowd... the chanting of my name... something someone like me wouldn't normally experience. I was born with a rare muscle and joint disorder called Arthrogryposis. It limits the use of my arms and legs. To put it simply, I play video games with my lips and chin, using a controller that I designed and a friend built.

My life is in no way easy, but it's the only life I know. Always being underestimated, stared at, or treated as a second rate citizen is something no one should have to go through. However, I am blessed. I am blessed with a sharp mind, friends and family who believe in me, and a natural born talent to play video games on a professional level.

People say that I inspire, that I amaze, and that I'm a hero. I am humbled at the fact that people think that way about me. However, I'm just a normal guy who shares the passion of video games. Tomonobu Itagaki, the creator of Dead of Alive, is the guy who inspired me to be a great player, and he inspired me to become a developer as well.

No matter what has been thrown at me in life, there was a lesson I was taught by my parents at an early age: to never give up. Always think outside the box. Never put limits on your goals or dreams, never say you can't, never say you won't, never back down, and never EVER give up.

My name is N0M4D aka Randy Fitzgerald, and