DOA first appealed to me because of its triangle system, which is unique among fighting games.

The completely new experience of having to read my opponent and avoid his holds even as I was attacking, along with the ability to counter any move or bounce back from any situation, attracted me and has kept me playing for 8 years.

I feel that DOA5 is different from previous DOA games in that a lot of fighting game elements have been added to make it so that amateurs and pros can enjoy the game side by side. For pro players, the more deeply they learn about the game, the more there is to learn, and for amateur players, it's easy to defend with attacks and holds using cool-looking combos, so there is really something for everybody.

I have two good memories relating to DOA.

The first is when I received the Korean Ministry of Culture Award for DOA4. This was a prestigious award given directly by the Korean Minister of Culture for excellent skill in DOA. This was the moment I felt most strongly that it was worth all the time I've put into playing the game.

The second is when I won the grand prize for DOA in the Korean Fighting Game Awards, which is a ceremony to award prizes to famous players. Awards were also given to players of Tekken, Soul Calibur, Street Fighter, and Samurai Spirits, so I was really happy for the chance to let people know about DOA.

I would like to express my gratitude to Team Ninja for all the good friends and good memories. I'm going to continue to enjoy DOA for a long time. Thank you.

My name is Test and