Teru Rock

The first DOA game I played seriously was the arcade version of DOA2.

I was in high school at the time, and I would make the commute almost every day to my small town's nearest arcade and play until closing, losing out on a lot of sleep in the process.

What appealed to me so much about DOA at the time was the fact that it's a totally different game depending on who's playing it. It's as though the players themselves, regardless of gaming skill, are projected through the characters and given the chance to experience what it's like to fight. I personally feel that DOA is above and beyond any other fighting game in this respect.

How can I express myself through DOA?

What does it mean to fight in my own way, with my own style?

I know it's corny and childish, but I believe that playing DOA with these questions in mind can completely change the way you enjoy the game.

Of course, being strong is important too, but for me the really amazing thing about DOA as a fighting game is the way it lets you express your individuality. No matter how many times I've tried to give it up, it's always sucked me back in. It's become an irreplacable part of my life.

Thanks to DOA, I've also had the chance to make so many friends and meet the most awesome people. I hope that this community continues to grow even bigger and better through the love we all share for this game.

By the way, I like Chinese food and Chinese dresses, but I'm Japanese! lol

My name is Teru Rock and