Throughout my life I have always been fascinated with fighting games. Picking your favorite character, getting that rush when you know your becoming better when your foes stand no chance against you as you K.O everyone in your way. This is when I discovered Dead or Alive and began my journey as a fighter at the age of seven. I continued to play DOA 4 and became incredibly strong at it and tried to put my skills to the test by entering a tournament but sadly I couldn’t because I was to young , even though I knew I had it in me to become a winner it was like putting a beast in its cage. As I watched DOA 4 tournaments, seeing all the players there and how exciting it must be to participate made me anxious to join. As years went by Doa5 came out I was thrilled for two reasons because it looked great and how much it has improved compared to doa4 with its amazing graphics , character design and its creativeness with the environment and new danger zones I knew this game would be great and I was finally old enough to become tournament eligible. It was the greatest feeling ever and I knew it was my time to shine. I wasted no time and registered for many tourneys, as the day of the NEC tournament came it was exactly how I pictured it, exciting as it can be and that beast in its cage was finally released , my first time at a tournament and I was flying threw my opponents while they stood no chance against me. When end of the NEC tournament came, I became champion and it felt great. I don’t want to be a one time champion I plan on entering more tournaments to support my community of fighters and get more people involved..

My name is Ryane 'XCALIBUR' Jimenez and