Robert Hubbs

From very early in my life I have been a fighter. I have been picked on, bullied, teased and beaten up, but I came away stronger and more resiliant each time. Videogames, especially fighting games, where there to help get me thru my tough times. They taught me to be try and be patient and to never let things frustrate me(even though I still do from time to time). I kept picking myself up and kept marching on. When I started playing Dead Or Alive is when I introduced myself to a community for the first time and my very first tournament was a Dead or Alive 4 event. Needless to say I performed poorly but I went back home and trained to improve myself. Unfortunately, my competing days are now over with but I enjoyed every minute of it. I have made many friends and a few rivals along the way.

Dead or Alive is also the reason I am now a Tournament Organzier and after years of hard work I am proud to host two of the biggest tournaments on the east coast of the United States. With the resilience and determination I had growing up, I applied it to running my tournaments, always improving my events. I have been backed by a wonderful community of friends and I will not stop in trying to improve myself.

My name is Robert "FightClub" Hubbs and