Growing up as a child, it was rather hard for me to make friends due to my extreme shyness. Due to my lack of social activity, it was quite rare of me to go out and play with the other kids, so I'd usually stay at home with my family. Around this time period, at the surprisingly young age of five, I was introduced to the world of video games by my uncles. Since then, video games have played a major part of my life. One of the first few (video game) genres that sparked my utmost interest were, of course, fighting games; one particular fighting game that appealed to me the most was none other than Dead Or Alive. When I first played the game at the age of seven, I was immediately drawn to everything the game had to offer. I'm honestly proud to say that DOA has also made an impact on my life. Back then, when I learned that Kasumi was the main female lead, she made me believe that women do have the power to be at the top of their game. From there on, DOA had taught me that girls shouldn't be afraid to show how strong they really are. In general, I believe that one should never judge a person by their appearance because they can be more than what they appear to be. I'm known for having an innocent appearance which usually comes off as weak, but I'm far from what people tend to think of me as-- especially now. I've changed from the quiet, sheltered girl to someone who is ready to face anything that comes her way. My job, my struggles in deciding what I really want to do in life, overcoming my fear in putting myself out there, gaining confidence, being more outspoken and open minded, and becoming less of a shy person. Overall, I'm currently fighting my way through this overwhelming change. It still scares me a bit because you will never know where this change could lead you to nor what the future has in store. However, I have to constantly remind myself that I really shouldn't be afraid of changing from what I used to be... With that said, my greatest opponent in life is myself.
My name is Gem and