Shuns Fury

I am the Leader of the Team "Logical Fury."

Im proud to say I have the most amazing team in the world. They're Family, Friends, and Teamates. I love you guys and i will NEVER let you down, I'm here to stay. We play all types of games. We specialize in Dead or Alive, Street Fighter, and many others. This team is full of unique people and we bring diversity to gaming.

Logical Fury, We are Fighters.

I'm a player thats been knocked down too many times, and it wont happen anymore. My gamertag was best known for being TTG Kung Fu, the guy who everyone didnt like because I use to complain 24/7. I have found true meaning to the fury I have within my scorching soul. People say I suck and I'm going to prove that I am not a bad player. I'm the #1 Jann Lee player and nobody will take that from me, NOBODY. I am a JKD Martial Artist (For Real) thats why I play JL. Top DOA Player in San Diego California.

To obtain enlightenment in Martial Art means the extinction of everything which obscures the "True Knowledge" the "Real Life."

R.I.P Great Grand Master Lee Jun-Fan.

My Name is Julian "Shuns Fury" Bernard and