Lázaro "MelonGasoil" Fernández 
Never had to fight in all my life, not even when I was in school. Also I didn't like to play any sports with other kids, just video games. When fighting games came out, I put all my efforts on mastering each and every game, each and every character... That turned me into one of the best players amongst my friends, that was all I wanted, never thought of it as a world competition, although I could eventually beat some of the best players in the country. Dedicating my life to video games also got me a job in the industry, where I usually show my skills winning almost every press tournament held. Winning a Dead Or Alive press tournament got me a week in the Caribbean... But that's just one more memory in the life of a DOA Jeet Kune Do expert that never got involved in a fight in real life.
My Name is MelonGasoil and