Since my childhood I always fought for my family, for my friends or my own convictions, knowing that I had a tough life. This is what made me a fighter. When I want to reach a goal, I do whatever I can to reach it, I don't give up, even if obstacles are on my way I go through them without a problem. I'm obstinate by nature and I always get what I want. The most important thing is, you have to fight FOR someone, an idea, an ambition, not AGAINST. You always have to fight in a positive way, hope, believe in what we fight for and mainly believe in yourself because a positive mind will help you for a positive life. If you fight in a negative way, anger and hate will consume you and this is how you will fail. Living requires being determinate, as a young woman I wish to be as determinate as possible. That’s why I am proud to take a big part in the community of fighting games, a world which still is too masculine yet.
My Name is Laura and