When I look back at the events that transpired and unfolded to shape the course of my life, I can honestly say I fought every step of the way.  Born in the Bronx N.Y., I always felt like the odds were stacked against me. I grew up and learned very quickly that there are forces in the world hell bent on knocking you down and keeping you down. The world can be a cruel and dark place, if you let it. Pushing you to your limits, testing your resolve, your faith, forcing you to question everything you hold near and dear to your heart. Essentially everything you thought you knew.

I am Confident; many will mistake that for arrogance. I am reserved; many will mistake that for anti-social. I am fearless; many will mistake that for recklessness. My spirit is strong, my faith is unshakable, and I will take on anything that is in direct opposition with those things that I hold dear with an unyielding, unrelenting determination.
My name is Joel "Silent Legend" Pagan and