I don't fight for myself though. I have been blessed with the skill to help, teach and of course fight for those close to me. When i was young I was told to take care of myself because if I didn't, no one else would. Now although that might be the safe bet, I'd like to believe that this is not always true. Growing up my family was never a wealthy family. By the age of 13 I no longer had seen my father. My mother was all i had growing up because my brother and sister's age were about a decade apart from mine. My brother however was able to teach me that sometimes your best friend can be a Video Game. Because of what he showed me, i was able to stay out of late night troubles and make new friends that believed in the same thing. My friends then became an extension of my family and because of them I was able to push myself to greater heights. I soon realized that the statement I was told growing up was not true. My friends would fight for me and care for me when I was in a position where I couldn't. Now I have an opportunity to stand and fight for them. I'm a Fighter and as long as people believe in me, my fight for them will never end."
My name is Emmanuel 'MASTER' Rodriguez and