In the wild, they say that it comes down to the survival of the strongest and that natural selection process is on-going and constant. I think that general principle applies to mankind as well. Fighting is an instinct that we are all born with as well as a natural occurrence in life. I was born a fighter regardless of my disposition to this world.
As a young boy who was born overseas and growing up in the multi-ethnic streets of Los Angeles, I fought racial discrimination and bigotry with my own two fists on a routine basis. It was impossible to keep me in one school as the fighting became intensified and more frequent. Regardless of my troubles, I was determined to keep my academic grades up at a high level which eventually allowed me to gain the respect of the schools, my peers and my mentors. My unwillingness to back down from a fight or my persistence to keep my grades up regardless of the challenges that I faced, gave me the chance to make it through and not become a victim of the urban system. Now as the creative director of Team NINJA, that very instinct and outlook still drives me in my professional and personal life. I am determined to help my team create the best entertainment experience for the new generation of gaming audiences. I am willing to battle my competitors in our quest to bring the DOA franchise to the forefront of modern fighting games.
And my incessant competitive nature pushes me to keep fighting until we are victorious.
My name is Tom Lee and