I have recently taken up the sport of Boxing. I enjoy the idea that it's just myself against one other person. We're both trying our best to reach the same goal, but attempting to reach that goal while each of us follows certain rules and perform to the best of our abilities. I can never know for certain what my opponent will do at any moment, but knowing that what happens in the ring is riding on my decisions is the fun of the fight. I find the adrenaline rush before and during a fight can be addicting. It typically has happened in those moments where your movements and punch combinations are just flowing right after months of practice. I enjoy that rush of jumping in there, trusting my instincts, and putting it all on the line. The decision of being dead or alive can be made in an instant, all it takes is one mistimed or misread punch and you're out cold. There's a lot of risk, but I still find myself climbing back in the ring for another round.
My name is Matt Ponton, and