I've been playing fighting games for as long as I know. Aside from playing competitively, I also enjoy breaking fighting games down and creating video tutorials that everyone can learn from and enjoy. The DOA series always held a special place in my heart because of how differently it plays from everything else. DOA is very easy to get into, yet very challenging to master. The flow if the fight constantly changes and keeps you on your toes and you simply cannot repeat the same strategy twice as that can get you severely punished. DOA is also unique in how the environment plays a major role in the fight, be it an edge of a cliff, an exploding generator, or even a flying car! You always need to know where you're standing in order to use the environment to your advantage. One of my favorite features of DOA is “Tag mode”, as you get to use the properties of two characters in one team to create insane combos not normally possible in single player.

I am extremely excited to see what DOA5 has to offer.  With the VF characters making a guest appearance this time around, my long awaited dream of a "DOA vs. VF" has finally come closer to reality. Lei Fang and Sarah tag team, LETS GO! :D Keep on the lookout for more future DOA5 tutorials and content on my Youtube channel! :D
My name is Khaled "EMPEROR COW" Habbab, and