I have always felt as a Fighter since I began to play fighting games at the age of 7. I love the fighting game atmosphere and their characters, we can feel close to them. By playing fighting games in competitions, I feel emotions close to Sports- Willingness to win, Self-Confidence, Pressure & Stress, Relief...
My fighter spirit is made of all those emotions, and my ability to manage them makes me stronger and a better mind reader. (mind game : capacity to read and anticipate the actions of the opponent) 

Fighting gives me the Determination to achieve my goals. Training to win is a big part of my life as a Fighter, I am always looking for my mistakes and ways to become stronger, as my saying goes: "Don't dream of winning, train for it !"  And today, my goals are to challenge (and defeat;) as many Fighters as possible to prove my skills as a top level international Fighter!
My name is Kayane and