Growing up it was my brother and I, and we didn't have many kids in the area where grew up. The biggest source of entertainment was the TV with our gaming consoles. I'm still grateful to this day to him for sparking my competitive edge, for he beat me more times than I can remember. I would spends hours in sparring mode going over how I could possibly beat him. I was addicted to video games at that point. I would miss school sometimes come straight home and play for hours upon hours. My mother would more often than not have to hide all of my gaming equipment. It made me always take challenges head on. I love to push myself to be the best I can possibly be.
That determination fuels me everyday. I'm extremely grateful for my family and all experiences I have had. I would love to see more females join the competitive scene, to show that we are out there.
My name is Vanessa Arteaga and