Xbox 360® Ver.1.02 Update Detail
October 17, 2012

1 Fixed the issue which sometimes makes it impossible to progress in the game if the player used La Mariposa or Tina for Command Training and cleared it after skipping a move.
2 Adjusted the AI difficulty in the hardest course which at times caused the AI to respond too quickly when the player attacks.
3 Changed to retain the current Power Blow setting when resetting position in Training Mode.
4 Changed the input for Reset Position in Training Mode to BACK + RT
5 Added the ability to sort replays by creation date in the Replay Select Menu.
6 Added the ability to remove a title (Y button) on the screen to set titles in Mission Mode.
7 Changed frame advantage for Ayane's Tenryu-Kyaku - Haijin () and Kikka-Ryukyaku - Haijin (back-turned ) from +7F to +1F.
8 Changed frame advantage for Tina's down throw (opponent face-up feet to Tina, face-down head to Tina) from +5F to 0F.
9 Adjusted the stun animation for some strikes on downed opponents.
10 Changed to save voice language settings.
11 Fixed an issue where the game would hang after cancelling a search for an online opponent.
12 Fixed an issue which would take players to a lobby different from the one they selected in the lobby search results screen.
13 Fixed an issue that reset sidestep and control layout settings during online matches.
14 Fixed an issue that caused the player to replay the last stage of an Arcade course endlessly, or in the worst case causes the game to freeze, after returning from a Throwdown match which was accepted during the last stage.
15 Changed to continue searching for an opponent until the player cancels the search or an error occurs.
16 Changed to hide the opponent's cursor in the post-fight menu for ranked matches, simple matches, and Throwdown matches.
17 Changed to display the network speed next to the player account name while selecting a character.
[5] Good ⇔ [1] Bad
18 Changed to display the network speed next to the player account name during fights.
19 Changed to display the player account name and network speed next to the Throwdown icon
20 Added the ability to sort lobby match search results by network speed.
21 Improved input lag and jerky animation exhibited by characters due to network conditions with opponents during online matches.
* However, there is still the possibility these issues will occur depending on the network conditions between opponents.
22 Displaying the Move List or Move Details during online matches sometimes adversely affected network quality, so now these displays can be hidden at all times.
23 Changed to prevent setting the number of rounds to 1 for ranked matches.

* Additional functions and improvements are planned for a future update.